Hi folks, my name is Diana Smith. I am a 30 year old, marketing professional from Woodbridge, New Jersey. Although, I work in the big city; that’s right I am referring to the big apple, New York city. I absolute love working in New York, especially since I am a people’s person and I get to meet to all kinds of people from different walks of life.  Another major reason I love the city is because of the level of intense hustle-bustle activity that is constantly going on – one can truly learn a lot simply by staying alert to the many different ways in which people are pursuing their goals, whether they are businesses or start ups or simply people pursuing some kind of profession. Everyone has an intense energy and a desire to do whatever it takes to  reach their goals.

Anyway, that little side rant about New York aside, coming back to more about me and what I do. I have been involved in marketing for close to 5 years now and have moved around quite bit. I think it is 5 different companies under my belt now.  During my short career, I have been blessed to have worked in such an exciting time for marketing worldwide, especially with new trends in social media marketing, e-mail marketing and the development of awesome marketing automation tools like Marketo, Infusionsoft and Ontraport. I have used these platforms, including a wide variety of integrations, of which I have found the LeadPages integration to be the best for hugely increasing conversion rates for different companies.

A major part of what I do, is run my own blog where I educate  people about different marketing tools, strategies, opportunities and offers. I believe that this is best way for me to share the knowledge and expertise I have gathered over the years. So please feel free to go through this website and do write to me if you have any questions at all, regarding LeadPages coupons or really anything related to marketing.


Diana Smith